Clean Up Efforts Halted

(BUTTE COUNTY) – Fears grow as the skies darken.

A series of storms look to be heading this way and the weather we have been experiencing has done enough for emergency officials to make a decision…for now, Camp Fire clean-up efforts are put in hold in Butte County…due to the winter weather outlook for the region. We have been reporting about that culver problem in the Camp Fire area, leading to some traffic problems.

Officials say other areas in the footprint are having similar problems getting traffic to flow smoothly because of damage and clean up efforts related to the blaze. Snow, wind and rain…along with the possibilities of burn scar related dangers…it was enough of a combination to get officials to make the move.

They say the team that has been doing its work in the area is ready to get back to their clean up and repair efforts as soon as things clear up and dry out a bit. We have all seen the trucks hauling burned trees and debris out of the area along Highway 70 and the other arteries in the region…all that is on hold for now.

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