The Hard Truth…The Modern Day Grapes Of Wrath…In Reverse

(BUTTE COUNTY) – It’s all on social media…the hard truth.

A growing number of survivors have started moving away from Butte County, after the Camp Fire. To keep in touch with family and friends, many after the blaze have started contributing to a Google Map with their new location. As of this week, they are reporting in from over 280 locations, including new homes in 29 states, from 245 communities.

The map has been circulating on social media and illustrates the displacement caused by the Camp Fire that has been officially named the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in California’s history. Some suspect this is the real reason so many in the fire’s footprint has not made a decision on the cleanup process, as we have been reporting in recent weeks…they may be looking to sell and leave the area, entirely.

Many in the other fires up north and in Southern California, who have lost homes and businesses, reportedly are doing the same.

Regulations…costs…taxes…it’s the same concerns over California real estate as it’s always been…and it appears many now are just putting up the white flag and hitting the road.

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