And James Arness…as…

(CHICO) – Chico Police gets a call someone is breaking into a car in the K-Mart parking lot.

The caller follows Robert Gonzalez, after he takes some things from the car and gets into his own. A few blocks later, Chico Police intervenes at East and Floral. Gonzalez hits the gas…the officers don’t chase, it’s too dangerous.

A little while later, Gonzalez is spotted walking near the Lindo Channel. He was picked up…fingered by several witnesses…and brought in and booked.


Officers in Chico arrest a man they say was charging at people with a knife in the parking lot of the Raley’s on W. East Avenue. It didn’t take long to find Gerald Bailey, a known transient, nearby.

A quick search locates the knife they say he used…and Bailey is hauled off to jail. Weapons charges and more await Bailey…yet another day in Dodge.

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